Early oral care can help you child adopt healthy dental care habits and that will stay with him or her till adulthood. Dental care can begin from infanthood with first teeth and parents should clean their teeth with tissue and soft brush after every meal. Keen attention should be paid towards dental health once a child’s first primary teeth erupt from gums at 6 months. If you have a family history of dental problems like cavities and other gum diseases then your child is likely to inherit similar issues so take him for regular checkups to your Cary dentist to avoid these issues.

Essentials of dental checkups in children

When you take children for regular dental checkups in Cary it will protect them from cavities and teach them about the importance of healthy dental care habits.

  1. Dentists can teach them how to avoid sports injuries to the mouth and first aid measures they can adopt if teeth break and bleed.
  2. If regular checkups are carried out dentists can know the best time for setting up braces before teeth grow out of shape.
  3. To avoid problems once permanent teeth appear your dentist will advice fissure sealants that can seal gaps between teeth and protect them from decay.
  4. To protect tooth enamel dentists apply fluoride varnish to every six months which will make teeth resistant to any form of dental decay.