The number of children undergoing orthodontic treatment in Cary NC, Apex NC, and places around the US is rising. Parents realize the importance of timely orthodontic treatment to contain and reverse cosmetic dental problems. It can preempt the need for oral surgery and major cosmetic dentistry since a child’s jaw is still growing and intervention can correct course before it becomes a problem. It can help deal with problems like crossbite and help align teeth.

A general rule of thumb is that a child must be old enough to comprehend and be willing to cooperate with the cosmetic dental specialist during the procedures. As one mother from Cary said, she waited till her child was old enough to follow the necessary oral health care regimen prescribed by the Cary Dental centers.

Getting certain orthodontic treatments too early can mean a recurrence of the problem as all the adult teeth come in. Sometimes, what seems like a problem may actually be normal developmental variations. You could go by The American Academy of Orthodontists suggestion and get your child checked at your neighborhood Apex or Cary Dental clinic by age 7. Remember, even if they get their first orthodontic check at this age, the active treatment will usually start only when they’re around 9 or 10, or even in their early teens.