A baby’s dental health is determined during its mother’s pregnancy as its teeth begin to form before birth. Pregnant women are advised to take balanced diet rich in vitamins, minerals and calcium and keep themselves free of cavities and gum disease. Pediatricians in Cary also tell parents to keep wipe their infant’s gums with soft cloth or cotton swab every time they feed to keep their mouth free of bacteria.

Helping your kids to brush and floss regularly

The complete primary set of teeth appear by the time a child is 3 years old so brushing can start from the time he/she is able to hold a brush. Ensure that your child brushes its teeth twice every day and develops a healthy habit of rinsing the mouth thoroughly after every meal. As the child will not be able to floss on its own you can help in initial days until it is able to manage.

Dental checkups                                                                                                                

Get a thorough dental examination done after your child is one year old or after all the milk teeth appear so that any problems can be identified at an early stage. If your child has dental problems due to injury or development issues take him/her to a Dr. Howarth, a family dentist in Cary who care for children and elderly alike.

Control fruit juices in “sippy” cups

Though sippy cup is the easiest method for weaning children away from milk bottles try to avoid using them throughout the day to drink both milk and juice. Excess amount of sugary drinks sipped on a regular basis can lead to early decay behind front teeth so keep it limited to meal times.