Benefits of Good Oral Health

There is significant evidence that shows how good oral health could have an impact on your general health. Since the mouth forms a part of the body, it obviously means oral health needs attention. Beyond just healthy gums and teeth, below are other ways in which oral health impacts your overall health:

  1. Improved heart health

Studies have shown a connection between oral inflammatory conditions and a high risk of heart disease.

Gum disease resulting from prolonged bacterial exposure could cause cardiovascular disease because the level of inflammation may increase in the entire body. One of the primary risk factors leading to heart disease is inflammation.

  1. Diabetes and gum disease

Recent studies reveal that severe gum disease could actually lead to diabetes; this is because it might have an effect on the blood glucose levels.

Periodontal illness is actually an infection. Toxins are produced by the bacteria which affect carbohydrate metabolism taking place in the individual body cells.

  1. Prevent oral cancer

Dentists examine all the soft tissues in routine checkups. Cancer screenings are also done as part of the regular dental checkup through the inspection of the tongue, gums, cheeks and lips. This helps to rule out the possibility of oral cancer.

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