Causes and Treatment for Sensitive Teeth

Few people who cringe while eating cold or hot things realise that their tooth sensitivity does not disappear with regular brushing and flossing but gets worse with time if not treated immediately by an experienced dentist in Apex. Sensitivity occurs when the enamel protecting teeth crowns and the cementum below it is lost. The dentin below the cementum has tubules that cause sensitivity and pain. The most common causes of teeth sensitivity are:

  1. Worn teeth fillings
  2. Gum disease
  3. Excessive tooth rot
  4. Broken teeth
  5. Receding gums exposing roots of teeth

Depending on the condition of an individual’s level of sensitivity an Apex dentist will advice different types of treatments to reduce the pain.

  1. Teeth crowns – If the tooth enamel has decayed away and is causing pain then a crown is placed in that area or bonding is done between two teeth to eliminate furthering the chance of decay.
  2. Grafting gum – This is a surgical method in which receding gums are grafted back and firmed up around the tree root section to reduce sensitivity.
  3. Desensitizing creams – If the damage to teeth enamel is limited then your doctor will suggest the use of special toothpaste. These contain chemical compounds that block sensations from the surface of teeth to nerve ends and have to be used for a few days before the results become visible.
  4. Root canal – If the tooth decay has penetrated very deep into the tooth then certain sections of the tooth are drilled away and cleaned for after which fluoride gel is applied in that area to eliminate sensitivity.