Dental Care For After you Hit Menopause

Hot flashes, weight gain and a host of other issues are probably top of mind when it comes to hitting menopause. According to several cosmetic dental specialists, one area that doesn’t get nearly enough air-time, is hormonal changes and oral health care. And that’s true for women in Cary NC and Apex NC just as much as it is for someone in New York or San Francisco.

Common complaints that Cary dental specialists and dentists at Raleigh dental clinics here include lower saliva flow in the mouth, changes to taste and dental caries. Many postmenopausal women also suffer from gingivitis and periodontal disease. Some also mention symptoms of oral dysesthesia, a painful condition that causes a burning sensation in the mouth.

Due to the onset of osteoporosis, many women also have trouble with being fitted with conventional dental implants. The usual prosthetic devices do not work on jaws that are brittle. In such cases, cosmetic dentistry specialists need to look to other alternatives.

Some dentists in Preston Cary say that with menopausal women, the work of the cosmetic dental specialist needs to be performed in consultation with a gynecologist. Hormone replacement therapy can sometimes alleviate symptoms of dental issues but a gynecologist will need to review your case to decide.