It is the season to be jolly, spread cheer and happiness and partake in the food and festivities. We all have a tendency to overdo ourselves. Don’t neglect your teeth and dental care. To be on the safer side do pay a visit to the Holly Springs dentist post your holidays. Also, give yourself a fighting chance by following the simple tips listed below.

Be wary of what you serve

When hosting the holiday feast, be a good host and serve foods that are friendly to your dental health. Firstly, stay away from peanut butter, fruitcake that could come out hard as a brick. These are the easiest ways to ensure your guests pay a visit to the dental clinic. Be a good host and serve your guests a mixture of cheeses that would be well interested. Cheese contains calcium which helps growth and strengthen the teeth.

Don’t neglect the vegetables. Eating raw vegetables such as celery and carrots go a long way in producing saliva. This is beneficial in flushing out bacteria and food particles. If searching for fruits, try out pears as these reduce the acidity levels found on the teeth.

Don’t go overboard with the food

Unless you are hosting, ensure you do not go overboard with the buffet. Stay away from sticky foods such as chocolate fudge or pecan pie which causes cavities. Stay away from the sweet sodas and choose tea instead. Tea contains natural elements reducing the acids found in the mouth while cleaning out harmful bacteria.

Carry a toothbrush wherever

Regardless of where and for how long you are traveling, you should carry a toothbrush with you. Nothing wrong with carrying a toothbrush while cleaning your teeth post a hearty meal.