Since most health insurances don’t cover dental care, there exists something known as dental insurance. Dental insurance in Cary is designed to pay a part of the expenses that is spent solely on your dental health and treatments. There are three main types of dental insurance:

  • Indemnity: This type allows you to get treatment from any dentist who can cover your insurance. This is especially useful when you have your own dentist who is not part of a network or an organization.
  • DHMO: Dental Health Maintenance Organization allows you to use dentists who are part of a particular network or an organization and use the benefits that the network provides for you.
  • PPO: Participator Provider Network is similar to the above DHMO as there is a dental network involved. But in this case, you can use a dentist who doesn’t belong to the network and if there is any difference in fees, it will be your responsibility.

People of Holly Springs, Cary and Apex are opting to have dental insurance because it makes your oral health more affordable for you and your family. You can go to the nearest dental insurance representative and select a dental insurance plan that is best suited to your needs.