Dentists Discuss Common Denture Issues And Treatment

People loose their teeth for a variety of reasons that range from bad oral health to injury. Fortunately, thanks to modern dental sciences, these broken teeth can be replaced with the help of affordable dentures. Dentures are basically artificially constructed replacements for teeth that can be conveniently removed when not needed and put back in when needed. However, they do come with certain issues. Dentists Cary and Holly Springs talk about these common denture issues and provide treatment solutions below.

Common issues with dentures and their treatment

Some of the common denture issues include:

  • Irritation in the gums and mouth: This is usually caused by a bad denture fit, which needs to be corrected by a dentist. A dentist in Cary and Holly Springs can help you fix this by replacing, modifying or adjusting the dentures.
  • Problems with eating/speaking: This problem occurs when you’re still not used to having dentures. The solution to this is to take things slow. Speak slowly and eat slowly. Also, try eating foods that are soft and non-sticky.

Talk to your dentist

To know more about dentures, their problem or to even get a new set of affordable dentures, get in touch with your dentist or contact us at Howarth Family Dental. We can help you sort out your denture issues and also provide you with general advice n denture maintenance.