Dentists from Cary NC; Apex NC and their counterparts the world over, have been telling us for years that flossing right is just as important as brushing your teeth regularly. Fail to do so and you’re likely to be a candidate for major cosmetic dental work in a few years time. Here are some handy tips to be sure you’re doing it right.

Choose waxed floss over unwaxed, because it is easier to slide through and across your teeth.

The American Dental Association suggests you draw out a good 18 inch length of floss and wrap both ends around your two middle fingers. Now move the floss back and forth while gripping it tightly between thumb and forefinger.

Don’t take any shortcuts. You need to floss every single day. In fact, some family dentists in Preston Cary feel that if it comes down to it and you needed to skip one or the other at night, you could pass up the end-of-day brushing for a good floss.

If your gums develop little lines or clefts it is probably because you are putting too much pressure and moving the floss in the wrong direction. Don’t floss down on your gums.

Don’t reuse the same section twice. As you move to a new section of your teeth, change the section of floss along too.

Always rinse your mouth after flossing to get rid of any dislodged plaque or food.