Whether you are at 1 or 71, you need your teeth to chew and eat. Brushing and flossing your teeth will reduce tooth decay and ensure your teeth remain healthy and strong. However, oral care is not limited to your teeth, you also need to take care of your gums. If your gums are not healthy, their ill health will affect the state of your teeth. Here are foods you can consume to keep your gums healthy:

Drink green tea: Green tea contains catechins. These are complex compounds that can fight inflammations and bacterial infections.

Eat calcium rich fruit: Vitamin C is vital for healthy gums as it prevents the breakdown of collagen, which in turn prevents periodontal diseases. Eat plenty of strawberries, kiwis and citrus fruits to enjoy healthy gums.

Snack on nuts and seeds: Hungry? Don’t reach for sugary treats choose to snack on nuts and seeds. Nuts and seeds are full of micronutrients such as calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, potassium, zinc etc. These nutrients will help keep your teeth and bones strong. They will also aide in the tooth re-mineralization process.

Snack on fibrous foods: Oral bacteria cannot be eliminated but it can be controlled by eating right. Choose to snack on apples, celery and other food that is high in fibre and water content and low in acidity. These will stimulate saliva while controlling the bacteria.