The right form of oral care is indispensable when it comes to wanting and keeping a shiny smile. However, there is an important piece of advice – take care of what you consume. There exist foods and drinks which are known to stain teeth. In order to maintain your white shiny teeth, read below to know the usual suspects when it comes to staining teeth.

Pasta sauce

Thanks to the acidity in the dish, as well as, the ability to stick to teeth, tomatoes found in the making of pasta sauce tend to leave teeth susceptible to staining. Consume green vegetables such as spinach and kale prior to provide a protective layering on the teeth.


This is a spice which works well with Indian food. It is a major culprit behind discolored teeth. Curry’s deep pigmentation is able to stain teeth over a long period of time. Due to its potent staining factor, this is a dish you might want to consume in moderation.

Balsamic Vinegar

It is a very healthy salad dressing, however, it is also known to darken teeth. Thanks to it having a dark natural color and the fact that it sticks to teeth, consuming balsamic vinegar is known to stain teeth. Consider a crunchy lettuce at the time of consumption to combat the stains.

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