If braces bring to mind images of spotty teenagers with a mouth full of metal braces, banish the thought immediately. You should be able to find a dental specialist in Cary or Apex that can offer you far more attractive alternatives. With cosmetic dental work growing in popularity, cosmetic dentistry has evolved to make ceramic braces and clear plastic braces easily available in the market.

You may need braces if you have a bite problem, or have sustained an injury which has caused an alignment issue. Sometimes, your dentist might spot crooked teeth or over crowding as your teeth grow and may recommend braces.

The procedure will involve an X-ray and then a two-hour fitting period. Once you are fitted with braces, your dentist in Raleigh or Cary North Carolina will need you to wear them for anywhere from 12 months to 20 months. In the interim, you will need to meet your cosmetic dental specialist to have him/her tighten your braces every month or so.

Get yourself an orthodontic cut toothbrush or use an electric brush to ensure you keep the teeth clean and braces free of any crumbs of food. Many adults who have had braces even carried their brush everywhere they go, to ensure they were never caught with an unsightly case of food-stuck-in-the-braces-itis.