Harmful Effect Of Alcohol On Teeth

Most of us know that sugary drinks and sticky goods are bad for teeth but few know that even regular intake of alcohol can be harmful for them and can lead to damage of molars. According to dentists in Holly Springs, habitual glass of wine before sleep can lead to dry mouth and bad breath in the morning.

Acidic effect of alcohol

Though all types of alcoholic drinks contain acidic components, sparkling alcoholic drinks with bubbles like white wine and champagne are the worst, warn the family dentists Holly Springs. Less acidic wines or clear water can protect teeth from harmful effects of acids. If wine and other alcoholic drinks cannot be avoided on social occasions then try to dilute the drink with ice and water.

Dry mouth effect

Alcohol is capable of making the mouth completely dry by sucking out the saliva and washing it down the throat. Dry mouth leads to rise of acidity erosion of teeth enamel as alcohol also has high sugar level. To avoid teeth damage from alcohol, you should brush teeth within half hour of drinking alcohol opines most dental clinics at Holly Springs. To avoid early damage to teeth from alcoholic products you can take small sips using a straw instead of gulping it down.