Do you hesitate to smile because of crooked teeth? Then, a visit to Dr. Mann, a cosmetic dentist in Cary NC, can bring a smile to your face. With the rapid advancement of technology, it is now possible to get rid of your crooked teeth and replace them with a million dollar smile through the wizardry of cosmetic dentistry. Here are a few highlights of the process.

When you approach a cosmetic dentist to fix your crooked teeth, you will be advised to go in for porcelain veneers. How are these placed in your mouth? For starters, your original teeth will be slightly shaved off. When the teeth are prepared, thin porcelain veneers are placed and fixed on top of them to give you the perfect smile.

The advantages of going for porcelain veneers are plenty. For one, your cosmetic dentist can give you a winning smile in just two sittings. The results are instantaneous and if carried out by an established cosmetic dentist, the veneers can transform your entire look for the better. The veneers are also a permanent fix for your problem as the teeth will be rooted and will have little chance to move.

Please contact us today to learn more about fixing your crooked teeth and brightening your smile.