Dental implants are becoming increasingly popular across the region, from Holly Springs to Apex to Cary. More family dental centers have started to offer dental implants, but some care is important to avoid dental implant problems.

Dental insurance does not usually cover dental implants. In a bid to get the job done for less, you may end up with a botched job. Be sure to check the credentials of your dentist, particularly when it comes to their track record on dental implants.

Ensure the dentist gets your complete medical history, no detail is too insignificant. If you have an abscess, the dentist may give you antibiotics so there is no infection that causes problems with the dental implant. The dentist needs to be able to do a proper bone assessment, failing which you could have complications.

A good dentist will not try and do a rush job or crunch the timelines to please you, so avoid putting pressure on them to do so. If you have an infection or a bad tooth, have it removed or treated and wait a few months for it to settle. Failure can also result from trying to put the abutment and post at the same time. Stick to a 3 stage process and let the process run its course.

Whether you approach a Cary dental center or a Holly Springs dental clinic, you will need to plan for a few months to get the dental implants done right.