Your wisdom teeth may be removed by a dentist in Holly Springs in his clinic itself.  But when your tooth is severely impacted or when an in-depth surgical procedure is required for extracting it, your dentist may advise you to consult an oral surgeon. Along with using a local anesthetic by your surgeon to make the area numb, he may also recommend sedation so that you are more comfortable while the procedure is going on.

As a part of preparation, you should ask the following questions to your surgeon:

  • What kind of anesthesia will be received by you?
  • The number of wisdom teeth that have to be removed.
  • Is there a possibility that your nerve has got damaged?
  • Has your impacted wisdom tooth caused damage to some other teeth?
  • What will be the duration of the surgery?
  • How complicated will be the procedure?

Preparation for wisdom teeth extraction surgery

Usually this procedure is performed as an outpatient process. That denoted that it will be possible for you to go home on the same day. You may ask these questions to prepare yourself for the surgery:-

  • Should you stop taking any non-prescription medications prior to the surgery?
  • Can you take your prescription drugs prior to the surgery?
  • Should you stop drinking fluids or eating food or do both?
  • When should you arrive at the dental hospital or clinic?
  • Should someone drive you home after the completion of the surgery?