Did you know that the little bottle your infant keeps sucking out of before going to sleep can actually lead to cavities if his teeth are not cleaned properly? If you want your child’s teeth to be neat and firm then ensure that its teeth as a baby also stay free of cavities and bacteria.

Tips to avoid bottle tooth decay in infants

  1. For infants below one year unable to hold toothbrushes, parents should clean their gums with clean gauze pad or washcloth and avoid giving them a milk bottle or pacifier to suck on during sleep.
  2. According to dentists in Apex, infants should not be given pacifiers dipped in honey or sugar as it can lead to accumulation of sweeteners near the teeth leading to early decay.
  3. Supervise your child’s brushing every day until it learns to spit toothpaste instead of swallowing it.
  4. Get your child interested in drinking from a cup from the time it starts to eat solids and take the advice of your Family dentist Holly Springs on tips to encourage that behavior.

The ideal thing to do would be to take your child to your family dentist once your child is three years old for a comprehensive checkup as by then all their milk teeth would have appeared.