Healthy eating and drinking habits are the best way to protect your teeth and retain their strength and vitality for a long time. According to dentists near Cary, the best way to protect teeth and gums from damage is to have a strong dental care regimen at home and also visit dentists on an annual basis. Besides gum diseases which destroy teeth from its roots and can lead to permanent removal of teeth, they can also get damaged due to loss of its outer protective cover called enamel forcing you to opt for immediate dental care at Cary.

Healthy habits to protect teeth enamel from erosion

  1. Reduce acidic drinks like soda and wine along with citrus fruits and juices. Taking food with these drinks can reduce its after effects or sipping them directly and bypassing teeth.
  2. Use sugar-free chewing gum on regular basis to reduce acid levels in the mouth and create saliva to strengthen teeth.
  3. Remember to rinse your mouth thoroughly after every meal and after drinking tea, coffee.
  4. Family dentists at Cary advice patients to always use fluoride based toothpaste to brush teeth and fluoride based mouthwash to rinse your mouth every night.
  5. If you have consumed acidic fruits or drinks take a long gap of one to two hours before you brush your mouth as they tend to soften teeth enamel making them vulnerable to damage.