Routine checkups and cleaning appointments with a Durham dentist might cost you less than what you might have to pay as dental insurance premiums after you get a dental insurance. But again, your health insurance covers everything except for teeth and whenever its time to head to the dentist, your insurance turns its face to the other side of the wall. If you are one those people who haven’t yet cared about getting a dental insurance, are you ready to face those dentist bills? And if you’ve got your pearly whites insured, is it worth the cost?

Dental insurance coverage

Dental insurances have a ‘100-80-50’ type of an insurance coverage. Which means that hundred percent of the routine checkups and preventive care visits are paid off by the cover. It also pays eighty percent for fillings and other common operations and fifty percent for crowns and other major procedures.

Buying a dental policy for an individual costs around $360 per year, whereas paying for just two cleaning tests and exams might cost above $370. Also, dental insurance is available in three types : HMO, PPO and indemnity plans. The HMO (health maintenance organization) limits the coverage to only dental professionals in a network. The PPO (preferred provider organization) policies allow the care of in-network dentist for a reduced cost while the patient is also allowed to take help dentists outside the network. The indemnity plan allows the patient to visit any dentist under any network.

Teeth are important and so is oral health. That is why, it is important to keep yourself and your family safe from any unfavorable situations.