Worried about keeping your teeth clean while wearing braces? The best way to care for your teeth during this period is to follow your usual practice of brushing twice a day and flossing at least thrice a week to keep your teeth looking sparkling clean when the braces are removed.

A Dentists advice the following tips to handle oral care with braces is key. Contact your local dentist in Apex, Cary, Holly Springs or RTP.

Avoid sticky foods

 If you are a child it may be difficult for you to keep away from sweets but if you want cavity free teeth then you should avoid all kinds of toffees and chocolates including bubble gums as they stick to teeth. Other foods like pizza, cheesy dips, ice creams, cookies and pastry which are high in sugar should be avoided as well.

Brushing with braces

 The wires and clips tend to catch tiny food particles that are difficult to brush away so you have brush carefully starting from outside of teeth and brushing with gentle circular motions. Clean all areas teeth between gums and braces and then finish by brushing the inside section of upper and lower teeth according to instructions given by family dentist Cary, NC.

Flossing and rinsing

 Floss your teeth daily by cleaning up the area between teeth and gums and also in between teeth. Always rinse the mouth thoroughly with antiseptic dental rinse after you complete regular brushing routine which will remove debris and gum infections which will help in managing dental care.