All parents record milestones in their children’s lives about their first words, first walk along with details about height and weight at different ages. But few record details about first tooth eruption, appearance for first adult tooth or date when braces were attached. If you are a proud parent and want to have more memories to reminiscence about that your child can use as dental reference at a later date. Here are some milestones you can record about dental care of your child at different ages.

First teeth eruptions

 Before eruption of early milk teeth at the age of 6-7 months teeth are being formulated in the infant’s jaw which is the foundation for future dental growth. Care from infancy will determine overall health of teeth till old age and also the quality of your child’s smile. Dental care should begin with eruption of first teeth as that will hold permanent teeth when they grow older.

Mixed Teeth

During the appearance of permanent teeth children have a mixture of milk teeth and permanent teeth that may make your child’s teeth look crooked or crowded. During this crucial phase you need to provide mouth guard to prevent chipping and breaking in contact sports and consult Dr. Howarth, a family dental practice in Cary, NC.

Wisdom Teeth

 These appear when children are in their teen years when they become conscious of their appearance. If your child has uneven teeth then this is the best age to install braces and give them tools to engage in regular brushing and flossing to curb dental problems.