With improvements in the field of medicine and quality of living, the average age of people today is 70 years. People living beyond 90 years are not uncommon either. However, many of these senior citizens are not able to continue the food habits of their young age due to loss of teeth due to natural decay and gum disease. Though some of them opt for dentures in Cary, NC  it does not provide long-term solution to their dental problems. They may still face problems in enjoying food at public places with their friends and family.

Dental implants Vs dentures

For senior citizens, dental implants are more advisable when compared to implants as they are  long lasting and improve the quality of life in Apex NC. Dentures are not advisable for senior citizens as their gums and bones are weak.

Dentists carry out cosmetic dentistry as an essential part of their services in which dental implants are made for both middle-aged and senior citizens as dentures cause damage to jaw bone and impair chewing strength. Implants for teeth in Raleigh, dental clinics are offered by experienced surgeons as it is a delicate procedure that requires care. The implants fixed by dentist can be restored on the same day or allowed to heal for a month or two trying out rough food with them.