Smoking Related Dental Problems

The first problem that arises due to smoking is stained teeth due to nicotine followed by bad breath and loss of bone within the jaw. Smoking increases risk of gum disease and also lowers success rate of dental procedures. All tobacco products lead to gum diseases and as they destroy bone and soft tissue and interferes with their normal functions.

  1. Bad Breath – Smoking leaves behind a bad smell of tobacco and nicotine as smokers inhale. They cannot possible rinse and use non-bacterial mouthwash after every smoke so they constantly have bad breath issues.
  2. Discoloured teeth – Smoking leads to accumulation of plaque and tartar on teeth that     has to be removed every few months by Dentist Apex.
  3. Leukoplakia – This refers to the existence of light coloured patches on insides of mouth and tongue that may become hardened and rough if left untreated. Depending on the severity of your problem dental clinic Apex may advice detailed tests and biopsy of lesion tissue to rule out oral cancer
  4. Gum Disease and cancer – Constant exposure to tobacco and nicotine can lead to gum disease in the mouth followed by oral cancer. Every part of the mouth touched by tobacco is vulnerable to oral cancer as tobacco is highly contagious.