Gum disease has a nasty habit of sneaking up on you, undetected for months before anyone notices something is amiss. With some help from practitioners of family dentistry in Cary, here’s a list of signs that you need to be concerned about.

Gums that are swollen or tender to the touch are a typical symptom and you should have your Cary dental specialist take a look and check your gums. In many cases, the gums may also bleed while you’re flossing or brushing.

If your teeth start coming loose, or if you suffer from bad breath or find your partial dentures no longer fit as well, you may well be developing gum disease. Other more advanced symptoms include the development of pus or sores on your gums.

Cary NC dentists also suggest you take a good look in the mirror. Do your gums seem to be receding? Are your teeth looking longer? Are teeth starting to separate with more visible gaps between them? All signs of gum disease that may need professional dental care. Thankfully, you have great help at hand if you’re located in and around Preston Cary, Apex NC or nearby.