Mouth guards are necessary for providing protection to teeth of children and adults when they indulge in contact sports. These protect teeth from getting chipped or broken if they come in contact with limbs of other players or objects like bat, ball or sticks. While protecting teeth from injury, mouth guards also act as protectors for lips, tongue and inner lining of cheeks that can get bruised or cut during contact sports like hockey, volleyball, baseball in Cary.

Custom made mouth guard

 These provide best protection as they are designed suited to the mouth design. A family dentist Cary can help to design a customised mouth guard for your child if he/she is wearing braces as then the risk of injury to soft tissues of the mouth increases. Boxers, rugby players, football players and sometimes even hockey players’ use custom made braces prepared by dentist Cary to protect their teeth.

Boil and bite protectors for teeth

 These can be purchased at a drugstore or any dental clinic Cary. These protectors are made out of thermoplastic materials and placed in hot water for softening before use. Before fastening them onto the teeth these protectors are placed in the mouth once they become soft and then shaped around teeth using gentle pressure of fingers and tongue.

Before you go ahead and purchase a mouth guard for teeth protection take the advice of your family dentist who can provide right suggestion about which type would be best suited for you depending on the sport. Mouth guards have to be cleaned with mild soap and toothbrush before and after use.