Brushing teeth, remembering to floss on a regular basis and visiting your dentist at least twice a year are signs of good habits. But does it mean that your teeth will remain healthy! You may inadvertently become a victim of some bad dental habits. Listed below are some of these:

Problem 1: Chewing Ice

Avoid crushing ice cubes and switch to crushed ice instead. Crushing ice cubes can damage your enamel and cause dental problems in future. Also, munching on popcorn kernels puts an undue stress on teeth causing them to fracture. Use a straw to sip your drinks and switch to healthy snacks like baby carrots.

Problem 2: Opening wrappers

Your teeth should not be used as tools for opening bags, holding or chewing pens or pencils when under stress, can traumatize your teeth. Chipping off can occur even before you have your next visit planned with your dentist.

Problem 3: Hard toothbrush and Abrasive toothpaste

Brushing, rinsing and flossing is good but what is important is that this is done for long enough. Using a hard-bristled brush or a toothpaste containing abrasives can cause wear and tear of your enamel.