Most of us take healthy teeth for granted and only a strong tooth ache or issues like dry mouth and bad breath make us consider visit to the local dental clinic at Cary. Few know that healthy teeth and gums are an indication of good health and early detection of oral problems can help in curing them. Here are some tips to maintain healthy gums and teeth so that they remain that way throughout life.

Early dental care – Children can develop tooth decay and carries from the time their first teeth appear so it is best to encourage dental care from a young age. When children are around 2 years they can start brushing teeth under supervision and can also be taken for annual dental check-ups at Dentist, Apex.

Sealing troubled areas – Though permanent molars are fully developed around 6-7 years these are not used much as children at this age are poor eaters. Thin protective coating around teeth and sealants between pits and gaps can be fitted to avoid carries by family dentist Holly Springs.

Toothpaste with sufficient fluoride – Though fluoride toothpastes are essential for dental care as they strengthen tooth enamel, excess amount of fluoride in the body lead to white spots on the teeth.

Brushing and flossing twice daily – To avoid teeth and gum problems both brushing and flossing are important among people of all ages. For dental care Apex brushing should be done twice every day to maintain oral hygiene. Remember to change your toothbrush one every three to four months.