Managing a clean and disease free mouth is an easy task if you brush and floss your teeth on a daily basis and visit the dentist every six months. But bacteria accumulate in the mouth with every meal and can lead to tartar build-up during the day. This forms a sticky layer which is hard to clean in areas like back of teeth and under the gums and needs expert dentist, Holly Springs to clear this sticky layer. When tartar build-up is not addressed for a long time, it can create acids that can damage tooth enamel and also cause cavities when it mixes up with food particles caught between teeth.

  1. Brush twice every day with a soft-bristled toothbrush that can reach the remotest corners of your mouth. Dental practieces in Apex, Cary and Holly Springs, advice electronic or battery powered toothbrushes as these are capable of cleaning plaque better than regular tooth brushes.
  1. Use fluoride induced toothpaste with foaming properties that can clean all the germs and bacteria from your mouth. While fluoride repairs enamel damage, toothpaste with triclosan fights the plaque bacteria and stops it from turning into tartar.
  1. Avoid snacking on salty and sugary foods in-between meals, as cavities thrive in this environment and lead to problems in Dental care, Apex, NC, Cary, NC and Holly Springs, NC.