Everyone is familiar with the basics of oral health and you would expect your dentist in the Cary area to warn you off giving your kids sweet treats that could damage their teeth. So when it comes to treats for the kids, what is permissible and what should you steer clear of? Are there any tooth-friendly treats at all?

Here are some ideas for treats for the young ones, which get a nod of approval from the most discerning family dental specialists in Cary and beyond.

Juicy apples are great treats that kids love and that really get the salivary glands going, keeping your gums and teeth moist and bacteria free. The vitamins in them don’t hurt either, say specialists in Cary and the Raleigh area.

Calcium-rich dairy products that don’t have any added sugar are also a great idea. Cheese and yogurt tick all the taste boxes for kids and are a good source of tooth-friendly nutrients too.

Tangy kiwi fruit are packed with Vitamin C which is good for your gums and staving off gum disease.

Whole grain snacks and whole grain pasta are kid friendly treats that come loaded with fiber, minerals and vitamins to keep those little pearly whites nice and strong.

Cary dental practice say that with a little care and a good dental regimen – like ensuring the kids rinse after snacks and sugary drinks – you might even be able to indulge their sweet cravings.