A toothache can be one of the most painful things you can experience, but when do you know its time to head in to meet your Cary Dental specialist for help?

In most cases, the toothache is because of a cavity. Gum disease, an abscess or injury are other typical reasons you may feel a sharp or dull pain in your teeth.

Left untreated the inflammation in your dental cavity can cause the pulp to get infected and will result in an abscess which may need urgent attention from your Raleigh Dental specialist or your Cary Dental specialist, depending on where you live.

Sometimes, a cracked tooth or broken fillings may cause a toothache and will need you to go to a cosmetic dentistry center to get your teeth fixed or to have dental implants put in.

Here are some simple thumb rules on when you need to make that appointment with your Cary dentist. If the toothache has been especially bad for more than a couple of days, if the pain is too much to bear, if there is an accompanying fever, if there is also an earache, or if you experience pain when you open your jaw wide, you might have an infection that needs urgent attention. If any of these apply to your condition, head over to the dentist. If you delay treating it, it could even cause infection in the skull and bloodstream.

Don’t ignore a persistent toothache and schedule an appointment with your dentist in Cary as soon as possible.