What starts off as a simple speck on your tooth can quietly develop into a full blown cavity or a painful tooth over years. To avoid resorting to extreme treatments like a tooth extraction, it pays to schedule a visit with your dentist as soon as possible.

Whether you are in Cary, Apex or Holly Springs, the range of options available to you remain largely the same. Remember, these are just a guideline and you should look to your cosmetic dental specialist for the final word.

Early stage tooth decay is easily fixed with some simple oral hygiene routines including using a fluoride gel, paste or varnish to coat the tooth that is affected. If you are lax about following the regimen, or if you skip follow-ups with your dentist or make that first appointment with your dental center too late, it may develop a cavity.

Cavities can also be dealt with by some drilling and the use of a filling. Depending on the kind of filling you get, the treatment can last several years. However, if the tooth decay continues to progress or if you don’t get the tooth filled quickly when the filling falls out, it may cause the infection to get worse. As a dentist in Holly Springs says, it is only if tooth decay advances that it can go into the underlying pulp and even into the jaw bone area. And that’s when a root canal treatment or more aggressive options like an extraction will need to be pursued.

The key thing to remember is that if you suspect tooth decay, the earlier you go to get your tooth checked, the better.