Today sensitive teeth are a common problem all over the world and Raleigh. This dental condition may result in acute discomfort and a gnawing pain every time your teeth are in touch with either cold or hot food items. Your teeth become sensitive due to the damage of the enamel that is a protective sheath for your teeth. The damage may be caused due to rough handling and brushing techniques used.

The nerves get irritated when there is damage in the enamel. This eventually causes sensitive teeth. There are several easy home remedies that may be deployed for taking care of this condition so that your discomfort can be controlled adequately. But despite applying these remedies, if the problem still does not get cured, you need to visit a dentist who can recommend for a cavity filling or some other dental treatment.


  • Use specialized toothpastes


Several specialized toothpastes are available in the market in Raleigh for curing your sensitive teeth. Such toothpastes are effective in desensitizing your affected nerves so that you get relief from that irritating pain every time your teeth comes in contact with cold and hot food items. These toothpastes constitute of some specific compounds that can block the sensations in the nerves thus temporarily preventing the pain.


  • Prevent buildup of plaque


Your teeth can suffer from sensitivity due to the buildup of plaque so it is necessary that it can be stopped. A good way to do so will be by brushing your teeth twice a day. Do not press very hard when you brush your teeth so your enamel may get further damaged and the condition may be worse. In fact your gums may get damaged too in the process.