Gum diseases are bacterial infections that cause gum inflammation and tissue deterioration which can lead to loss of teeth over a period of time if not treated immediately. The earliest sign of gum disease is gingivitis followed by periodontitis which is an advanced state of the problem. Early warning signs of gum disease are bad breath followed by pain, sensitivity and inflammation. If you experience any of these signs it is best to pay your Cary dentist a visit.

The plaque that forms on teeth releases toxins which irritate gums and lead to inflammation if not removed on a daily basis. Extensive accumulation of tartar leads to infection of gum tissue causing it to move away from and creating more space for accumulation of plaque and bacteria. Besides bleeding and swollen gums that are tender to touch by toothbrush and finger you are likely to suffer from persistent bad breath and pain in teeth. Advanced warning signs of gum disease are loose teeth and change in fitment of dentures.

Even people that brush and floss their teeth daily can suffer from gum disease and can fall victim to bad breath and plaque accumulation. Regular visitations to dentists and maintaining dental hygiene can prevent gum disease.

Surgical procedures for treatment of gum disease

  1. Cleaning gum pockets – The dentists in Cary will clean gums thoroughly of plaque and bacteria before using bone grafts and membranes to stimulate body’s ability to generate tissue and bone in that area. Gum tissue will be repositioned against teeth to make it easier to clean.
  2. Regeneration of gum tissue – After healthy gum tissue is retrieved from roof of mouth it is attached to receding gums and cover exposed areas of root.