Hyperdontia or supernumerary teeth, is an oral condition characterized by the eruption of extra teeth that are not supposed to be present, normally.

A child is born with 20 milk teeth (baby teeth), which are replaced by 32 permanent ones. This condition arises when excess teeth erupt along with the regular number. The occurrence of a single extra tooth is common but the prevalence of supernumerary teeth is also a probable ailment.

What are its causes?

The cause of this disease is still unknown but dentist associate it to genetics or conditions like cleft palate, Ehler-Danos and Gardner syndrome. Hyperdontia is rare condition that is observed in below 4% population of the world.

Risks if the disorder is left untreated:

Overcrowding of teeth can lead to poor dental hygiene and increases the risk to be susceptible to cysts or oral cancer, If the extra teeth cause hindrance in the eruption of the normal ones, it is necessary to undergo an orthodontic treatment.

How do you get treated?

There are numerous dental clinics in Apex and Cary, North Carolina that treat the disease. The process involves the removal of the extra tooth or teeth by the dentist in Apex. Surgical extraction is conducted in cases where the tooth lies below the gum. The diagnosis can be done through a dental examination or X-ray. Visit your Apex dentist immediately to understand the severity of your condition and find the best treatment plan.