Emergency Dentistry in Cary, NC

Like many other health issues, dental conditions can arise suddenly. Whether it’s from an unexpected physical injury or something else, fast treatment is a necessity. At South Cary Dental, we can treat whatever issue arises with our emergency dental services.

Our team understands how critical fast dental care can be, so we are always ready to provide reliable emergency dental services. No matter what ailment you have, our team is ready to provide the fastest, most effective relief possible.

We’re always ready to help with your dental issues. Call our team at South Cary Dental whenever you need an emergency dentist.

What Constitutes a Dental Emergency?

Before seeking immediate care, it’s important to determine whether your teeth require emergency dental services. If you have a non-pressing dental issue, you may opt to make an appointment instead.

Here are some dental issues that our team at South Cary Dental addresses with emergency dental care:

Physical Damage to Teeth

Physical damage is one of the most common emergency dental situations. Whether it’s a cracked tooth, a chipped tooth, or something else, we can help.
When a crack or chip occurs on your teeth, you should rinse the affected tooth with warm water. Then, apply a cold compress to the injury and find any parts of the tooth that may have broken off. Put these fragments in warm water and bring them to your emergency dentist.


Toothaches often come and go, but severe pain can indicate a more serious issue. Sometimes toothaches are due to food sticking in your teeth, and warm salt water is one of the best ways to remedy this. However, if the problem persists or there’s swelling, contact our team at South Cary Dental.

Broken Orthodontic Equipment

Another common reason for emergency dental care is broken braces or wires. If this equipment breaks for any reason, you should get emergency services immediately. Before your appointment, bend the wires, so they don’t stick into parts of your mouth, but avoid cutting them.

Permanent Tooth Knocked Out

Unlike baby teeth, permanent teeth should stay in your mouth as long as possible. If you lose a permanent tooth due to an accident, you must contact your emergency dentist.
Immediately upon losing a tooth, rinse the affected area and stop any bleeding.

Cuts on Soft Tissue

Teeth are resilient, but gums, lips, and the soft parts of your mouth are more prone to damage. If part of your mouth is bleeding, do what you can to stop the flow.
For significant cuts that look like they could become infected or won’t stop bleeding, contact our team at South Cary Dental for fast and reliable emergency services.

An Emergency Dentist for Any Dental Emergency

Whenever a dental emergency arises, fast care is critical for your long-term oral health. When you don’t have time to spare, our team at South Cary Dental is ready to help.

Sudden dental issues require immediate dental care to address effectively. When you need an emergency dentist, call us at South Cary Dental at 919-584-9849 for immediate care.