Located in Cary, NC, South Cary Dental offers tooth extractions for patients who require this dental procedure to relieve pain or issues associated with overcrowding. While our team performs extractions as a last resort, we use them to treat severe oral health issues. Call our team at (919) 289-8170 to schedule an appointment or learn more about our tooth extraction services.

What Happens During Tooth Extractions?

Before scheduling a tooth extraction, Dr. Ashkan will examine the tooth or teeth causing you to feel pain to find out whether a different treatment could solve the problem. If you need a tooth extraction, you’ll schedule an appointment in the following days.

The first step of the process involves using local anesthesia to numb the extraction site. Before he performs the tooth extraction, Dr. Ashkan will walk you through the procedure.

Once the anesthetics have effectively numbed the extraction site, Dr. Ashkan will gently remove the tooth from the tooth socket. He may also prescribe a mouthrinse after the extraction to prevent bacterial infections. South Cary Dental is proud to be a narotic/opoid free office. Dr. Ashkan is well versed in an over the counter combination for pain relief and anti-inflammatory medications to reduce swelling and pain.

Who Needs Tooth Extractions in Cary, NC?

While we generally avoid tooth extractions unless necessary, some patients have oral health conditions that require them. Some reasons for mandatory tooth extractions include:

  • Wisdom teeth: As people reach adulthood, their wisdom teeth come in. These new teeth can cause swelling, pain, and crowding and often require removal.
  • Overcrowding: An overcrowded mouth causes bite problems and difficulty performing basic oral hygiene.
  • Periodontal disease: This disease often causes loose teeth due to declining gum quality.
  • Severe tooth infections: Infections cause severe pain and inflammation, and some can result in irreversibly damaged gum tissues.
  • Tooth decay: We may not salvage teeth with severe decay since the tooth’s quality can reduce your general oral health.
  • Traumatic oral injuries: Some injuries, such as blunt force trauma to the mouth, will knock teeth out of their sockets.

Tooth Extraction Recovery Process

A tooth extraction is an invasive surgical procedure. Plan at least a couple of days of downtime to recover. Without proper rest, you risk increased inflammation, pain, and complications at the extraction site.

During your recovery process, take all prescribed medications as directed. Eat soft foods that don’t require lots of chewing. Follow oral hygiene instructions as recommended to keep the extraction site clean and free from infection.

After an extraction site heals, most patients qualify for tooth replacements to improve the appearance of their smile. Your dentist will discuss the best replacement options for your case. Schedule a tooth replacement appointment in the weeks following the extraction procedure.

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Our team at South Cary Dental welcomes you to become one of many satisfied patients in Cary, NC. Whether you need tooth extractions or a restorative procedure, Dr. Ashkan will inform and prepare you for each step. Book your appointment with us by calling (919) 289-8170 today.