Teeth Whitening Treatment

Teeth Whitening is a popular treatment aesthetically as it helps improve the teeth’s appearance by making it bright, sparkly, and white. This is done by removing the stains which causes discoloration on the tooth’s surface. Teeth whitening procedure requires multiple visits to the dentist to achieve and maintain the white color.

Though there are several over-the-counter teeth whitening products that can be bought, having it done by a dentist is the fastest and effective way to see the results.  The dentist will discuss what procedure they will do to achieve the desired effect.

Reasons for Teeth Whitening

The dentist will often recommend teeth whitening for patients’ teeth to make it look more appealing and healthier. Teeth discoloration is one of the main reasons why teeth whitening is advised to the patients. This is because of many factors which are:

  • Foods and drinks: There are foods and drinks that leaves stain on the teeth such as coffee, tea, and wine. It has color pigment that attaches to the white of the teeth which becomes stains.
  • Smoking: It is also a culprit due to the chemical its consist which are tar and nicotine. Both chemicals not only make it yellowish but also brittle
  • Age: Due to aging, the outer shell of our teeth get thinner in which dentin will be more visible. Dentin has yellowish color therefore making the teeth less appealing.
  • Injury or Trauma: When the mouth experiences trauma or injury especially when being directly hit, the teeth will begin to change color to show dentin resulting in a darker shade of color.
  • Medications: Drugs can also be a factor in teeth discoloration due to its side effects. Antihistamines, antibiotics and antipsychotic drugs are some of the culprits.

The Procedure

Teeth whitening is a simple procedure but take a few more visit to achieve the desire effect. The process for this procedure is:

  • The dentist will examine the teeth by capturing its image. This will help them analyze the teeth and the severity of the discoloration.
  • Cleaning will then follow. This is done by removing film on enamel to remove the stains that is caused by food and drink you consume.
  • We will take full arch impressions of the upper and lower jaws and the laboratory will create custom bleaching trays.
  • Once we receive the custom bleaching trays back from the laboratory we will bring you back in for a short custom bleaching tray delivery appointment where we give you the bleaching product, your custom trays, and how to use them at home.

Aftercare treatment

Teeth whitening is not a permanent procedure and depending on your lifestyle especially when eating may affect on how quickly it will have discolorations. It is essential to avoid foods that causes stains such as caffeinated beverages, tea and wine, refrain smoking and always maintain a good oral hygiene. There are also products that can be bought for teeth whitening which may be used at home.

Also, teeth whitening though has been proven to have no risk may cause your teeth to be extra sensitive or have a mild irritation on the gums. Consult your dentist if these symptoms last to treat it immediately.