‘Cheap and affordable’ may not always be best when choosing a dental insurance plan in Cary, RTP or Apex, North Carolina. There are several factors you must consider before you sign on for dental insurance. Here are some questions to ask the dental insurance provider you are considering.

Can I choose the dentist I want? – Like health insurance, a dental insurance provider may also restrict your treatment to certain dentists but not all dental insurance companies do it. If you want to visit a certain dentist but the dental plan does not allow it, it is better to pay a bit more and buy a policy that allows you to choose your dentist.

Can I (and my dentist) choose which treatment is the best for me? Some dental policies restrict payment to the cheapest treatment. So read the fine print on the policy before you sign up. If you have more doubts, talk to your Cary dentist or the policy provider.

Will my dental appointments be limited? – Some dentists see patients with dental insurance only certain periods of the week. If it is an inconvenience to you, confirm it with your dentist beforehand.

What will I have to pay for the dental insurance? – The only costs you have to pay are your policy premiums. Some dental insurance plans are employer sponsored and they cost lesser than if you had paid for the procedure yourself. The premiums you pay may also be tax deductible. To learn more about dental insurance, please contact your preferred Cary, RTP, Apex or Raleigh dental office today.