Changes in hormones occur when your daughter hits puberty and therefore needs special care for oral health. Hormones like progesterone and estrogen help in the maturity of your daughter’s body. The growth in sex hormones during puberty can lead to problems like swelling, bleeding and redness of gums.

During this stage of your daughter’s life there may be changes in the manner with which gums behave to the bacteria and germs in her mouth. Such microbial change is linked to the increased hormonal levels in the blood and lead to growth of some pathogenic bacteria.

This is a time when bad breath and cavities are very common and her gums are more vulnerable to infections like gingivitis. It is also common to find lesions and ulcers developing in the mouth during the puberty.

Tooth staining is also quite common among many teens. Stains in your tooth can happen due to diet changes or consumption of drinks like dark soda and tea. When teeth get crooked, possibility of having cavities increases as keeping them clean is tougher. There can be pain in their jaws when there is misalignment of teeth.

Proper oral care is imperative for teens. It is essential for them to brush their teeth with fluoride toothpaste after every meal for two minutes. When your kids use electric toothbrush, those areas can be reached where manual brushes cannot. And visits to doctors in Raleigh becomes important too.