The process of teeth whitening is known as zoom in dental terminology. On its outset, it is important to understand that all patients do not experience pain after the teeth whitening procedure. But some patients do complain about pain after undergoing the Zoom procedure. They say that they felt the pain for the first twenty-four hours and then everything went back to normal.

There are some dentists who prefer to give medicines for pain relief to their patients just before the start of the treatment so that they have a better experience. It is also important for them to not to let air enter your teeth as that increases the sensitivity of your teeth.

If you have undergone a bleaching treatment for your teeth, the possibility of intermittent pain that appears and then remains for a few seconds is possible. It is also possible to feel a continuous and dull aching. But then again, all these pains are known to subside after the first day.

Usually, a dentist in Cary will recommend you to immediately take Advil before and then 4 to 6 hours afterwards. The medicine can be again repeated for 24 hours.

It may also happen that your teeth are too sensitive and so for that, typically, your dentist may then dispense some medications that your teeth can be desensitized before the bleaching procedure begins. Alternatively, it may be required to reduce the bleaching concentration so that you face less discomfort.

A dentist should select a patient cautiously. People who suffer from sensitive teeth or teeth recession should avoid undergoing the Zoom treatment. The dentist should have a talk with the patient and individually review this and also help them to realize that kind of outputs they can expect.