Dental implants and dentures become a big part of your look once you have them fitted, so it pays to take a little extra care when you are being fitted for a new set in Apex NC. Dental work can be expensive and something like a pair of dentures is especially important since a good set will probably last you for years to come. You wouldn’t want to waste time or money on getting rework done because of a few slip-ups in your choices the first time around.

Know what color of dentures to ask for when you head into your Apex NC cosmetic dental center. A little homework and time spent picking out the right shade to match your teeth is a good idea. You have two options. One is to go with an exact match to the color of the rest of your teeth, even if this means picking a more yellow shade. Or you could pick a whiter color and have your cosmetic dental specialist bleach the teeth around it to match.

There are also choices of shape and size of teeth. Get your dentist to help you pick the styles that work best for your look and retain your most natural smile.

The decision on whether you need partial or complete dentures will stem from the condition of your teeth and whether you are missing a few (partial) or most (complete) of your pearly whites. In some cases, your cosmetic dentistry specialist in Apex NC may suggest dental implants instead. Weigh up your options before you decide.