When you are pregnant, it is important to take the advice of your gynecologist along with a dietician if required. This is to make sure that your diet constitutes of Vitamins, phosphorous and calcium and these are all crucial components for healthy gums and teeth. Folic acid and vitamin B9 ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy.

It is widely believed that supplements of folic acid can protect your developing body against different birth defects of the brain and spine. Changes in hormones, therefore increase in progesterone and estrogen during a pregnancy can increase the risk of gingivitis or gum disease in expectant mothers.

Experts have also found a link between premature babies with low weight and maternal gum disease. When an expectant mother ails from periodontal disease, it leads to an increase in prostaglandin level. This is the hormone in the mother which can induce labor and lead to premature delivery.  

Any sort of infection, virus or a fever during your pregnancy can impact the tooth structure of  the fetus. The natural mix of phosphorous and calcium in an expectant mother’s bloodstream can be distorted and intervene with the formation of tooth till the mother is healthy once again.

When your baby is born prematurely, there is likelihood that the teeth of your child may get affected. Babies who are born on time usually have fewer cavities as compared to the preterm ones.