Protect those teeth!

When germs in plaque, sugar and carbohydrates mix together, they form an acid which attacks the outer surface of the teeth. This process further leads to demineralization, which when left unchecked, eventually leads to the formation of cavities. Regular brushing of teeth and good dental hygiene helps fight plaque.

The first line of defense: Using fluoride toothpaste as soon as the child is old enough to spit is the first step in protecting your child against tooth cavities. Regular dental check-ups at family dentist Holly Springs and parental supervision goes a long way in keeping cavities under check. Ensure that your child’s teeth are flossed regularly to prevent accumulation of plaque. Fluoride water also helps check tooth decay and cavities, but it should be administered strictly under medical supervision.

One of the best ways to keep teeth cavity under check is by ensuring a healthy diet for your child. Reducing sugary snacks and starchy foods keeps harmful acids under check. Serve whole grain foods, fiber rich foods, fruits and vegetables in good measure to your child. This helps build a natural defense against plaque which leads to dental cavity and tooth decay.

As a pediatric dentist, providing care in Apex, NC, Cary, NC and Holly Springs, NC, Dr. Howarth would be in the best position to examine your child’s teeth and advice on the remedies and prevention of tooth cavities.