The Most Bizarre Dental Injuries in Sports History

Have you ever wondered what the most bizarre dental injuries in sports history are? From baseball players being hit in the face with a ball to hockey players losing teeth during a fight, sports injuries can be both painful and strange.

NBA Player Loses Tooth After Dunk

One of the most bizarre dental injuries in sports history happened during a 2019 NBA game when a player lost a tooth after a dunk. The player, who was not identified, was attempting a dunk when his tooth was knocked out by the rim. After the incident, the player was taken to the locker room to receive emergency dentistry care.

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NFL Player Loses Teeth After Tackle

In a bizarre twist of sports fate, an NFL player was left toothless after a particularly hard tackle during a game. The player, who remains unnamed, had his front teeth knocked out by a helmet-to-helmet hit that left him dazed and confused. The incident has since been dubbed one of the most bizarre dental injuries in sports history.

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Soccer Player Breaks Jaw After Collision

In a shocking incident, a soccer player in Spain recently broke their jaw after a collision with another player. The player was rushed to the hospital, where they underwent surgery to repair the fracture. After a successful procedure, the player is expected to make a full recovery. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of safety in sports, and highlights the need for proper protective gear to be worn by players at all times.

Hockey Player Loses Tooth to High Stick

In one of the most bizarre dental injuries in sports history, a professional hockey player lost a tooth due to a high stick during a game. The player was skating down the ice with the puck when an opposing player’s stick came up and caught the player in the mouth, causing a tooth to be knocked out. Fortunately, the player was able to receive medical attention and the tooth was surgically re-implanted. This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of wearing a mouthguard while playing contact sports.

Baseball Player Breaks Jaw After Being Hit by Pitch

In a bizarre incident, a baseball player in the Dominican Republic broke his jaw after being hit by a pitch. The player, who was playing in the Dominican Winter League, was struck by a pitch that rose up and hit him in the face. He was immediately taken to the hospital, where he underwent surgery to repair his jaw. This incident serves as a reminder to all players of the dangers of playing baseball, and to always wear the proper safety equipment. It also highlights the importance of following proper safety protocols for pitchers, such as not throwing too hard or too high.


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